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Zake Huang, Vice President, AuthenTrend TechnologyZake Huang, Vice President
Biometrics (Facial, Iris, Palm, Voice, behavior identity, and more) are always deviceand application-driven. For products like authenticators or security keys, the fingerprint process remains the most effective (performance, cost, size) biometric solution as it is the most affordable, secure, and fastest biometric technology. The biometrics challenges of authenticator mainly revolve around how to balance a product for the dimension, power consumption, FAR/FRR (Fully Registered Reduced Power), and cost. Since fingerprints must be matching-in-key, powerful MCUs can run fingerprint extraction and match instantly, but at a higher price, coupled with higher power consumption. Therefore, Fingerprint sensor companies may offer turnkey solutions that have a fingerprint-oriented design. We need to spend more effort on the design experience to make the final product meet security protocol, user scenarios, or even certifications.

In this new era, products need to be secure and wellthought- out to be accepted in the market. Aligning itself with this trend, AuthenTrend Technology is driven by the goal to replace passwords with biometrics. “We make fingerprints a unique password for users to help businesses improve their IT authentication systems and information security environments with minimal effort,” says Zake Huang, Vice President at AuthenTrend.

Ever since FIDO (Fast Identity Online) security key started booming in 2018, AuthenTrend pushed out a series of security keys with fingerprint authentication and seizing the market. Also, AuthenTrend is a leading company in the world of FIDO authenticators. The company’s security keys are one of the first in the world to be FIDO2-certified, and ATKeys— ATKey. Pro, ATKey.Card—support WebAuthn, U2F, OTP, FIDO2, and other protocols. They’re straightforward to set up and work exceptionally well alongside any device.

With AuthenTrend, companies can decrease IT expenses annually by eliminating the hassles of the password reset and reducing the likelihood of costly malware and phishing attacks due to weak passwords. They can build a passwordless and worry-free IT ecosystem with AuthenTrend’s fingerprint-enabled Security Keys that combine highly secure biometric identity verification with Azure AD, multi-factor authentication. While ATKey.Card is a convenient smart badge with USB, BLE, and NFC interfaces, ATKey.Pro is a compact, portable USB security key to replace passwords with FIDO2-compliant hardware that integrates natively with Azure Active Directory, or G Suite and AWS companies, and can also safeguard company data in the cloud with security keys as the MFA devices. If some businesses are not ready to embrace cloud computing, AuthenTrend offers FIDO Server—a FIDO-certified component that conforms to the UAF, U2F, or FIDO2 specification. The server can be deployed on-premise as is customary among many regulated enterprises or on the cloud. Offering the best user experience for users with small and secure fingerprint recognition, ATKey.Pro and ATKey.Card also boast having the fastest fingerprint recognition speeds on the market and function with any HID device. What’s more, users can log in to websites more securely and conveniently with a simple touch of their fingerprints thanks to Bio-Safe, a hardware-based password manager that is built into AuthenTrend’s biometric products.

Why Companies Use SWOT Analysis

As such, AuthenTrend makes it easy for employees to access sensitive company data with stronger “passwordless” authentication. Remote employees access company resources on their personal devices and may choose not to use a secure internet connection. Employees can access work files anywhere with portable security keys that eliminate the need to memorize passwords with quick and straightforward fingerprint scans. With AuthenTrend’s patented “Standalone Enrollment”, IT leaders do not need to worry about unforeseen costs when implementing ATKey.Pro or ATKey.Card. Users can easily enroll fingerprints directly to the Security Key and do not require any other proprietary app or driver. AuthenTrend also provides the latest FIDO-compliant admin tool for IT staff to increase the convenience of organization and staff management.

The Next-Gen Cryptocurrency Cold Wallet

Adding to its solution suite, AuthenTrend has introduced AT.Wallet, a Cryptocurrency cold wallet.
“We also apply biometric technology to simplify using the hardware wallet, maintaining security just the same. We are confident that this is the safest and best cold wallet on the market!” asserts Jenny Hsu, Growth Marketing Manager at AuthenTrend. Blockchain has been touted for its potential to create truly decentralized, “trustless” systems, but blockchain applications still require people to log into their decentralized identities via a PIN code or password. AT.Wallet helps users enter the decentralized world more accessible and secure.

As far as security is concerned, AT.Wallet is designed with EAL5+SE secure element and the high-performance fingerprint sensor, enabling users to control assets with their fingerprints securely. AT.Wallet is available on numerous platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, and provides users with the option of connecting via Bluetooth or USB. AT.Wallet also bagged a prize at CES 2020 innovation awards. This year, it was also rated by many media as one of the top 3 cold wallets in 2021. AT.Wallet will become a DID controller, top-of-the-line EAL5+ security to store credentials offline while protecting personal data security and ownership.

The Passwordless Pilot Program

In collaboration with Microsoft, AuthenTrend has co-hosted the Passwordless Pilot Program started in November 2020 and has been extended to cover the growing list of passwordless features supported by Microsoft. Microsoft also announced the general availability of passwordless authentication for Azure Active Directory at Ignite.

“We make fingerprints a unique password for users to help businesses improve their IT authentication systems and information security environments with minimal effort,” says Zake Huang, Vice President at AuthenTrend.

AuthenTrend has supported numerous business and Service Integration Providers in building their practice and implementing passwordless infrastructure with the program. “Now with broad support for FIDO2 standards, our customers can provide an authentication experience for their users that is effortless, cross platform, and highly secure.” Corporate Vice President of Identity Program Management of Microsoft Identity Division Alex Simons says, “We are happy to be part of a collaboration with AuthenTrend in our joint effort to move beyond passwords and provide more secure environments for today’s workforce.”

“We are proud to announce that Josai University's diploma policy and my experience at W3C/WebAuthn have been integrated into the implementation of world-first FIDO2 server for academia,” Josai University Professor Sugimoto Osamu says in a statement. “The server should be able to lead our students one step higher active learning classes. A pilot university ID using ATKey.Card is making seamless FIDO2 login from Windows to Josai Attendance Management System (JAMS).”

In what was a true validation of success, Authen Trend’s ATKey. Pro also proved its mettle to CSP. “Over the last two years we have been searching far and wide for a FIDO2 key that provides seamless enrolment along with high standards of biometric security. This long-awaited key has finally arrived with the ATKey.Pro and is perfectly timed with the release of Microsoft’s Temporary Access Password (TAP). We are now rapidly approaching a situation where the possibilities of true Passwordless are becoming a reality,” says Callum Golding, Director, CSP.

Founded in 2016 by a group of engineers who have more than 15 years of experience in biometric technology, AuthenTrend's Security Keys are one of the first to be certified by FIDO2with fingerprint. AuthenTrend has consolidated its position in Asia and has especially signed nearly ten partners in Japan to adopt fingerprint solution for governance, education, healthcare, enterprise and SMB; besides, through the Microsoft program, AuthenTrend is gaining brand exposure quickly in North America and also EU. AuthenTrend works with end customers (SMB, Enterprise, Institution, etc.) and local partners together with Microsoft so that people may see more and more cases from AuthenTrend with well-known customers soon.

“We believe passwordless is not only the right trend but also the inevitable future of online identity. The importance of re-imagining identity for a world where data ownership and control are essential to consumer confidence in the online marketplace cannot be overstated. Passwordless technology will make our user scenarios easier to adopt and customer IT environments more secure. Our mission is to make passwordless technology easier and secure for customers and enterprises’ IT environment,” notes Zake.
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AuthenTrend Technology

AuthenTrend Technology

Taipei, Taiwan

Zake Huang, Vice President and Jenny Hsu, Growth Marketing Manager

Ever since FIDO (Fast Identity Online) security key started booming in 2018, AuthenTrend pushed out a series of security keys with fingerprint authentication and seizing the market