KT&C: Spearheading Non-Coercive Iris Recognition Technology Deployment

Daniel Choi, Director of US Operations, KT&C , KT&CDaniel Choi, Director of US Operations, KT&C
The COVID-19 outbreak fast-tracked the deployment of touch-less or contact technologies for biometric security authentication. Although businesses have turned to facial recognition as the immediate resolution, industry leaders have voiced the need for much more secure and fail-proof modes of authentication. According to the researchers, facial recognition technologies falsely identified Black and Asian faces 10 to 100 times more often than they did white faces. The technologies also misidentified women more than men—making Black women particularly vulnerable to algorithmic bias. Against this backdrop, KT&C, one of the leading companies that provide innovative access control products, recommends iris recognition technology as a more viable alternative for businesses to ensure contactless, precise, and noncoercive biometric authentication function.

“We explicitly chose the iris because it is the most accurate and secure method of recognition compared to other biometric methods,” says Daniel Choi – Director of US Operations, KT&C.

Kick-starting its journey in the security arena with miniature cameras, KT&C has grown as a leading player in providing reliable biometric products. The company’s patented iris recognition technology features the unique ability to capture the iris at a distance, which ensures that visitors do not have to either lean forward and place their eyes in scope or some sort of capture device or be within 10-12” for the reader to detect their eyes. KT&C iris readers use an image processing technology combined with an optical zoom lens that increases the capture distance and conveniently performs access authentication by eliminating visitors’ discomfort. KT&C’s product, featuring this unique technology, allows one to stand anywhere between 4 to 40” (essentially within 3ft), which prompts the iris reader to tilt up or down depending on the person’s height to capture the iris. Abiding by the privacy laws in the US, KT&C utilizes facial recognition only to detect the location of eyes when scanning the face.
Interestingly, the iris reader can also be used as a standalone unit for simple access applications, capable of storing up to 10,000 users with a False Acceptance rate (FAR) of 1/1,000,000 (0.0001%), featuring system interfaces such as TCP/IP, RS485, RS232, USB2.0, and Wiegand. KT&C has also integrated contemporary authentication methods into the iris reader for better flexibility; access modes such as fingerprint recognition, RFID, and pin input can also be enabled or disabled based on the user’s convenience. The companies supports these functions through a software solution that allows users to remotely access and view the logs, enter or delete new users, and assign access rights to a different user.

In an effort to acquaint the users with this product set, the company provides System Integrators and one-on-one training demos to oversee the installation process along with follow-up calls.

We Explicitly Chose The Iris Because It Is The Most Accurate And Secure Method Of Recognition Compared To Other Biometric Methods

Among the numerous products inheriting this architecture, the KT&C KEES Smart Door Lock was developed to enable users to easily access a door through iris authentication. It boasts more than 1,000 times better accuracy and reliability than current fingerprint recognition solutions. Currently, KT&C’s iris readers are installed at a hospital in Massachusetts, demonstrating exceptional contactless entry and sanitation control while helping staff oversee access to surgery rooms and sensitive areas within the premises. The technology makes it easier for doctors and nurses to enter a secured room while wearing gloves without having to pull out a key card or using their fingerprints.

In addition to provisioning such easy and secure access controls, the KEES iris recognition door locks from KT&C won the Locks, Safes, and Hardware category at the ISC WEST 2015 NPS (New Product Showcase) contest in Las Vegas, which is yet another validation of the company’s resourcefulness in helping clients achieve secure, contactless authentication.
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Seoul, South Korea

Daniel Choi, Director of US Operations, KT&C

KT&C is one of the leading companies that provide innovative access control products providing iris recognition technology, ensuring efficient biometric authentication function and better security. Kick-starting its journey in the security industry with miniature cameras, KT&C is now playing a decisive role in providing reliable biometric products