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Top 10 Biometric Solution Companies In APAC - 2021

Over the last 15 months, as the business world adopted a remote work culture to cope with the disruptions caused by the pandemic, the need for newer data security measures reached an all-time high. And as the technology that allows for the elimination of cumbersome password entry and security questions while ensuring 100 percent security, the realm of biometrics witnessed a boom. In fact, the adoption of biometrics is poised to become ubiquitous in the coming years as it would allow for a seamless user experience without compromising security. A prime example of this is the utilization of biometric technology by APAC countries for the creation of nation-wide identity infrastructures that allow for the elimination of paper-based processes with respect to proving identities and facilitates faster processes. Even at airports, biometrics is enabling faster passenger check-ins via facial recognition-based biometrics while financial organizations are utilizing the proven security of fingerprint and iris scanners to attract consumers looking for the most secure banking experience.

To help organizations find the right biometric solution provider, Enterprise Security Magazine has selected a list of biometric solution providers that exhibit innovative technologies and strategies. We have considered the vendor ability in building solutions that can effectively yet seamlessly deliver the best and most secure user experiences.

We present to you Enterprise Security Magazine’s “Top 10 Biometric Solution Companies in APAC – 2021.”

    Top Biometric Solution Companies in APAC

  • A part of the ADERA Global group of companies, AGST is a technology company with computer vision and AI Technology running from its own biometrics algorithm embedded into its core products, solutions, and services. AGST offers a suite of products and services in three areas: Digital Payment Solutions, Digital Automation, and Digital ID Solutions. In the Digital Payment Solutions area, AGST offers a Closed-loop e-wallet as a service and an Auto fare Collection System (AFC) that secures architecture closed-loop e-wallet solutions through software as a service (SaaS), adapting e-KYC and creates a digital auto-fare collection system, respectively


  • Auraya is a world leader in biometric voice verification technology, and the company empowers people and organizations to interact and engage with security and convenience


  • Ever since FIDO (Fast Identity Online) security key started booming in 2018, AuthenTrend pushed out a series of security keys with fingerprint authentication and seizing the market


  • interBIO is the leading identity management biometric software solutions company that provides robust platforms that are based on core technologies such as the face, fingerprints, and iris biometrics listed in the top tier in National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) benchmarks. interBIO offers custom end-to-end identity solutions leveraging the BIG—a cutting-edge, grid-based enterprise platform that supports all current and future identity management demands. The company has also introduced BIG-Flex—an online identity platform that leverages the power of cloud computing to offer the first of its kind Identity as a Service (IDaaS) in real-time. interBIO is providing solutions that seamlessly adapt to customer-defined operational and budgetary requirements yielding high levels of performance, efficiency, and flexibility


  • An identity and authentication solution provider that has core focus on advanced biometric access systems. UNIONCOMMUNITY’s access control systems furnish high security, convenience, and protection of confidential information. The authentication systems allow users to monitor all individuals for unauthorized access and effectively manage internal as wells as external persons entering their premises by keeping track of their access history and current location, remotely. Working alongside some of the best private and public companies from the finance and protection services industries, UNIONCOMMUNITY offers its clients a sense of security that is convenient and flexible to their requirements


  • Aratek


    Aratek has been in business helping millions managing their digital identity throughout the globe for over 15 years. As a leader in multi-biometric and multi-factor authentication technologies, the company's innovative products include fingerprint modules, fingerprint scanners, biometric mobile terminals and intelligent facial recognition terminals. Other comprehensive suites of services are software, AFIS solutions, biometric algorithms and engines

  • Biode


    Biode is a team of BIOMETRIC EXPERTS, leading the industry through software innovations to protect people and physical assets within Government and Commercial organisations. BIODE was founded on decades of biometric experience, and its specialised solutions continue to protect many of Australia's most trusted companies

  • CAMA Biometrics

    CAMA Biometrics

    Founded in 2008, Shenzhen CAMA Biometrics Co., Ltd. (CAMABIO) is a biometric recognition technology provider and biometric product manufacturer from China. With one of China's most experienced biometric algorithm R&D team and most proficient hardware development team, CAMABIO provides a full range of biometric recognition products and technology solutions for biometric smart security system manufacturer, time attendance manufacturer, biometric door lock manufacturer, biometri software developer, security system integrator, etc

  • Filmetrics


    Filmetrics Corporation is a trusted technology partner that brings together biometrics, mobile systems and data analytics to produce secure business solutions for its clients' work units anytime, anywhere. Filmetrics Corporation was incorporated in 2009 and has since forged a name of its own as a Philippine-based technology-driven enterprise providing premier identity management solutions, best practice insights, and business intelligence to different organizations nationwide

  • HYF Group

    HYF Group

    HYF Group markets, develops and produces biometric hardware for telecoms sim card registration, E-ID, banking E-KYC platform and government voter, education, police system etc. With a group, more than 27 years Biometric working experiences engineers, HYF has drawn on this experience to produce a comprehensive range of products including Fingerprint modules, Fingerprint reader, Smart hand-held devices, Biometric voter kit (BVK) and other customized terminals