KT&C: Spearheading Non-Coercive Iris Recognition Technology Deployment

Top 10 Biometric Solutions Companies in APAC - 2022

Asia-Pacific’s biometric market has witnessed immense growth in the past couple of years, and the sector is set to register a remarkable CAGR of 21.56 per cent by 2027. The impetus behind this substantial growth is the growing instances of security breaches that are compelling businesses to improve their security statures. Biometric systems are especially gaining a lot of traction in corporate and government facilities that are seeking to coalesce their digital transformation and security strategies. Furthermore, biometric solutions are also finding applications when integrated with point-of-sale (POS) solutions, helping companies manage their transactions, cash flow, payroll, inventory, and billing.

In the public sector domain, biometric solutions are finding applications in e-passport and e-visa services, where government agencies are using the technology to track illegal migration, along with rising investments in smart city projects in several APAC nations, substantially contributing to the region’s biometric segment.

This edition of Enterprise Security Magazine APAC brings the spotlight on the key developments in APAC’s biometric domain and how companies are leveraging contemporary technologies to mitigate the risks associated with rising security threats. The edition features the Top 10 Biometric Solution Providers in APAC in 2022, such as KT&C and Octatco. These companies offer innovative and highly efficient biometric solutions that help corporates and public sector entities bolster their security competence.

This edition also features thought leadership articles by Felipe Medina, AVP of Information Security Engineering at BankUnited and Mohamad Mahjoub, CISO, VEOLIA sharing their views on how enterprises can bolster their security stature by leveraging contemporary technologies, such as security analytics.

We hope the valuable insights from industry thought leaders and the cutting-edge solutions from the features companies in this edition help you make informed decisions. Let us know your thoughts / write to us about how you are leveraging these biometric solutions in your organizations.

    Top Biometric Solutions Companies in APAC

  • KT&C is one of the leading companies that provide innovative access control products providing iris recognition technology, ensuring efficient biometric authentication function and better security. Kick-starting its journey in the security industry with miniature cameras, KT&C is now playing a decisive role in providing reliable biometric products


  • OCTATCO’s technological objective is to provide the safest and the most robust authentication service in any computing environment


  • Auraya, a speech intelligence company with a goal to empower individuals and businesses to communicate and participate in all channels and languages with ease and security




    AthenaEyes technology Co., Ltd. Is an artificial intelligence enterprise ceneterd on computer vision, deep learning and big data. The Company is rooted in basic algorith research, focusing on industry scenario applications, and providing intelligent products, sevices and overall solutions for the government, finace, enterprises and institutions



    ADERA is globally trusted leader in data security and automation, working in partnership with international banks, businesses and governments to advance the future of a secure world. From digital identification, payment solutions, automation, and smart cards they innovate smart solutions by anticipating customers’ need. Collaborating with AI, they activate ideas together and harness cutting-edge technology with advance intelligence for safer future



    Argus TrueID is a biometric technology developer, focused on creating systems that streamline business processes through the unique and secure identification of individuals. They have developed Biometric Enterprise – an environment where their clients leverage their TrueID management platform to address a wide range of business issues and challenges

  • DIGIT9


    Digit9 Tech Labs is an emerging player in the Biometric Identification & Authentication space, powered by AI/ML and advanced multimodal biometrics. Their solutions are designed to build true Digital Trust in the fast-growing Digital Business space, and eliminate the threat of impersonification and false identities which accompanies with the dependency on Digitization



    Entrypass work with global network of partners to continuously develop valuable industry-leading solutions. With proper integration, their solutions allows customers to add mobile credential, face and fingerprint recognition devices to the Entrypass Access Control System, expanding the range of credentials from RFID cards and PINs to include mobile ID and biometrics



    Utilizing multiple biometric information, users and businesses can be seamlessly connected, from eKYC at the start of transactions to login authentication for daily transactions. Polarify contributes to the construction of a safe and convenient digital society, which has obtained the first approval from the Financial Services Agency as a Fintech company



    Secure provides entry/exit management system which provide face recognition for offices, stores,and factories. They have come up with the optimum surveillance camera system by combining various devices and AI(Image recognition), and the image analysis solution predicts the degree of congestion in commercial facilities, event venues, and many more with AI technology